Notable Projects

Christie’s Auction House

Christie's had Globe transfer 230 truckloads of antique furniture, fine art, decorations, and supplies to and from various facilities around NYC. Project scope writeup: Christie's auction house asked Globe Storage & Moving to relocate tens of millions of dollars worth of antique furniture, decorations, fine art, and supplies in an effort to consolidate their storage facilities. Over the course of 50 days, Globe’s team of professionals properly packed chandeliers, paintings, furniture, etc. using decades of experience to make sure all belongings were moved safely. In total 230 truckloads were moved in a safe and secure manner under difficult warehousing situations. What is Christie's saying about Globe: “The Globe team at Christie’s deserves all the credit in the world for a job well done” ... “did an incredible job receiving at Cfass despite limited space and direction” “Although I did not mention everyone by name, they were all great. I was fortunate and very grateful to work with such a great group of guys. This project would not have been a success without their hard work and dedication”.


When HBO needed the Throne from Game of Thrones moved, they entrusted Globe Storage & Moving.Project write up: HBO has been a client of Globe Storage & Moving since before 2010. So, it was no surprise when HBO relocated to 30 Hudson Yards they asked Globe to handle the moving of over 2,000 members of their staff into more than 1,000,000 square feet! This most recent move required Globe to move people from multiple locations around NYC into one large new facility at Hudson Yards. Globe installed lots of protection at all locations in order to leave the buildings in as good of condition as they were. Globe packed all common areas, private offices, and technology. This project was executed over 7 phases and was roughly 200 truckloads worth of contents. A project of this size is definitely not an easy task and only the best movers are able to tackle a project of this scope. Luckily with Globe’s experience on high scale and high volume relocations, our team handled all of HBO’s needs with ease.

Cooley LLP

Project write up: In 2019 Cooley relocated from 1114 Avenue of the Americas to 55 Hudson Yards. The project took place over the course of 3 phases and included moving 250 office staffers. Globe packed and unpacked all Partner offices, 2,300 linear feet of common area files, and all technology. Globe delivered monitors from storage to the new office and installed the monitors to monitor arms. On top of handling the physical move aspect of the project, Globe had a Project Manager working directly with Cooley and their staff on-site at all times, making sure the entire project was managed well and continued in an efficient manner. Since Cooley moved to a beautiful space in a brand new building, Globe laid thousands of feet of masonite and wall projection in order to make sure no damage was done to the new space. Globe still works with Cooley today on small projects whenever they need movers.


In 2019 NYC Economic Development Corporate relocated 550 staffers into 100,000 square feet space at 1 Liberty Plaza. Project write up: This large scale government moving project took place over the course of 3 phases. Each phase took place during a weekend to ensure no productivity was lost during the business week. First and foremost, Globe created a comprehensive logistical plan for the entire project. The EDC saved money by tasking Globe with creating a moving plan instead of an outside firm. With a solid plan in hand, Globe worked closely with the EDC to meet all of their needs. The plan included, Liquidating unnecessary office furniture. A complete data center relocation. E-waste disposal services. The laying of interior protection. A full technology disconnect & reconnect. A full pack and unpack of technology, storage rooms, and select departments files. With all of these different aspects of a single moving project, Globe assigned a Senior Project Manager to this site to ensure all aspects of the project happened without a hitch. After about 30 truckloads were taken to 1 Liberty Plaza, Globe quickly unpacked and arranged the necessary belongings and files. On Monday morning all staff were up and running in a beautiful new facility.

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP decided to relocate 1400 staff members to 1 Manhattan West over a very short 2 week period. Project Write up: Skadden and Globe have been working together on moving projects for the past 50 years. When Skadden needed to move 1,400 attorneys and staff members into 1 Manhatten West, they turned to their long time partner, Globe Storage & Moving. What made this project especially difficult was the short 2-week timeframe for completing the entirety of this project. In total, the Globe team relocated approximately 220 truckloads of inventory from 2 separate locations into 650,000 brand new square feet of offices. Moreover, Globe was responsible for the packing & unpacking of all attorney offices, common area files, supply rooms, technology, and the firms 2 libraries. In order to complete this herculean task, Globe worked around the clock for 2 consecutive weekends (Thursday-Sunday). Although this project was colossal, the entire team pulled together and handled all aspects with ease and professionalism making sure the client was extremely pleased and ready to start work Monday morning.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group: Bank of Tokyo

Relocating offices for the world's 4th largest financial group, MUFG (Bank of Tokyo). Project scope writeup: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Bank of Tokyo) has been using Globe Storage & Moving for all of their NYC based commercial office moving needs since the 1990s. When the Bank of Tokyo recently needed to restack 2,460 staff members, Globe was up for the task. Over the course of 16 phases, Globe relocated the staff, files, monitors, and personal belongings of the entire branch. Specifically, this project included moving over 3,100 crates, 4,500 Linear feet of files, and over 5,000 monitors. Currently, contractors are working on the renovations which are scheduled to be completed in 2021. Globe will repeat this process once the remodel is completed. Globe handles everything from early phase logistics planning and project management to post-move support making the moving process extremely easy and stress-free for clients. One reason MUFG likes to work with Globe is because Globe handles the entirety of the moving process for their firm.


When Justworks needed to relocate 600 of there staff, they turned to Globe Storage & Moving. Project Scope Writeup: Justworks and Globe partnered for a large but seemingly simple relocation project for early 2020. Globe was responsible for packing 600 staffers, all common area files, and supply closets. Globe also needed to disconnect, transport, and reconnect all technology and some audiovisual equipment for the firm. Unfortunately, the deadly COVID-19 virus swept the nation and hit NYC especially hard during this planned move. Justworks’ current landlord would not budge when Justworks asked for an extension and insisted they vacate the space. Globe worked directly with Justworks staff to create a new relocation plan that allowed for Justworks to continue to operate during the pandemic without an office space. In short, Globe relocated all of Justworks employee’s contents to Globe’s storage facility. From there, on an as-needed basis, Globe will delivery technology and personal contents to individual’s homes in order for them to continue to work during the quarantine.Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, Justworks plans to begin moving employees and contents to their new space in a phased approach in an effort to keep employees safe. Globe worked directly with Justworks to make sure that their needs where meet and employees could function during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020.


When Evercore needed to expand to the 42nd & 43rd Floors they asked Globe to execute their office moving project. Project scope writeup: Globe moved 800 people internally at Evercore’s 55 East 52nd Street NYC HQ. Over the course of about 2 weeks, 800 employees were relocated when the company expanded to the 42nd and 43rd floor. In order to make sure that none of Evercore’s staff lost productive work hours during the day, Globe moved all employees after regular business hours. During this project, Globe was responsible for the laying of interior protection, installing select furniture, storing belongings at our warehouse, the packing and unpacking of all technology, and common area files. We anticipate finishing this 2-year project in early 2021 depending on the contractor's timeline. Globe continues to work with Evercore closely because of the company’s ever-expanding staff and continuous moving requirements. Globe enjoys its business relationship with Evercore because of Evercore's friendly staff.