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Our upwards of fifty-five years of experience in the commercial moving and storage business has taught us that every move is unique. Because of this, Globe offers an array of services that will allow you to have an entirely turnkey experience. With service options such as white-glove packing and unpacking, fine art handling, technology support and furniture liquidation – we promise that your move will be both seamless and stress free.

Commercial Moving Offsite Storage

Commercial Moving

Whether you are a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company, Globe can seamlessly execute your move. For over fifty-five years, our team has remained committed to planning, managing, and flawlessly executing every project. Our experienced team of Account Executives and Project Managers will work with you to craft a custom move plan that meets your unique needs. The plan is then implemented by Globe’s team of experienced moving professionals. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your move will be completed on-time, on-budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Project Management

With an average of twenty-five years of experience, our Project Management team offers pinpoint focus to meet each facet of the moving process. In advance of your move, a custom move plan will be created to meet your project’s unique scope – this schedule is then passed on to our project management team for execution. On the days before your move, your designated Project Manager will visit your office to label all inventory – this ensures that your valuable possessions land in their correct location upon arrival at the new space. Once the move is in motion, the Project Manager will not only manage the move team, but they will be your direct onsite contact to help address any questions or requests, as needed. Our goal is to coordinate and closely monitor each point of the move so that you can remain focused on your day-to-day work with minimal business disruption.

Packing & Unpacking Services

Should your team require packing and unpacking assistance, Globe is here to help. Our professional packers are expertly trained to pack items of any quantity, value or fragility with care and precision. Through our expert labeling system, Globe is capable of packing any environment, and then seamlessly unpacking as per your exact requested layout – these environments may include employee offices, libraries, records rooms, technology centers, pantries, etc. By entrusting Globe with your packing and unpacking needs, we will ensure that your items are safely and efficiently transported to your new office.

Furniture Installation

Globe is your one-stop resource for the disassembly and installation of furniture. Our experienced carpenters are certified by all major office furniture manufacturers to safely and efficiently dismantle and reinstall your commercial items. Not only can Globe assist with the dismantle and reinstall of existing furniture, but Globe can also support the delivery and installation of new furniture. Together with your design team, Globe will ensure that all furniture – whether new or old – will be placed in the correct location and installed to the exact specifications.

Fine Art Handling

If your office contains high-value fine art or antique furniture, Globe can assist you with the secure transport of these pieces. Prior to the scheduled removal date, one of our fine art Project Managers will perform a survey of your high value inventory and determine the necessary packing strategy. This plan is then executed by our expert art handlers – all of whom have been professionally trained by either Christie’s Auction House or Sotheby’s – under close supervision from our Project Manager. The items are then safely transported, carefully unwrapped or uncrated, and should you desire, seamlessly installed.

IT Support

We understand that your technology is likely the most critical component of your move. Whether you may need assistance with the disconnect and reconnect of your employee IT, the dismantle and reinstallation of your conference room setups, or the unpatch and repatch of your essential server equipment, Globe can support all your technology needs. Prior to your move, one of our expert technology Project Managers will meet with you and your IT Department; there we will create a plan that best meets the needs of your organization. The plan is then seamlessly implemented by trained technicians to ensure the safety of the equipment, zero loss of data, and minimal company downtime.

Furniture Liquidation & E-Waste Recycling

When your old furniture or technology will not be a part of your new office, Globe can assist with the liquidation and e-waste process. With several different ways to liquidate your unwanted assets, our furniture and e-waste recycling experts will get the job done efficiently, safely, and in an eco-friendly manner. Whether they are sold to used-furniture dealers, donated to charitable organizations, purchased by employees themselves, or simply recycled or discarded, Globe will execute a plan that is most economically viable for you.

COVID-19 Specialty Services

To ensure we are putting the safety of our customers and team first, Globe is following all CDC and local department of public health guidelines in our day-to-day operations through continual sanitation, cleanliness, and precautionary measures to help our customers move forward. As you decide what your new office may look like, Globe can safely lend a helping hand with the reconfiguration of your existing furniture, as well as procure and install plexiglass dividers to create a safe and functional workspace. Globe can also securely pack and store the contents of your existing space as your team plans for an eventual return to the office; while your contents are in storage, Globe can even coordinate home shipments of employee contents or technology in order to support your new work-from-home workforce.

Post Move Support

After the completion of your move, we can continue to support your team on day-one in your space. Our post-move team can help unpack, break down and collect boxes, shift furniture, or even provide technology support. No matter the task, our goal is to help you and your staff quickly settle into your new office space.

Offsite Storage

In addition to our commercial moving services, Globe has the ability to store your company’s valuable possessions, including records, furniture, electronics, and everything in between. Our 250,000 sq ft. storage facility is managed by professionals with over fifteen years of experience in the field, and it is protected 24/7 by state-of-the-art security systems. Also, to better accommodate our New York City area clientele, our facility is located within a 30-minute drive from Midtown Manhattan. We even have an in-house courier, which allows us to complete small deliveries within a 24-hour window. Here at Globe we understand just how valuable your company’s assets are. Because of this, we take every necessary step to allow our clients to feel comfortable leaving their possessions in our very capable hands.


Are you holding onto confidential records that you wish to dispose of securely? Globe is here to help. We offer both mobile shredding (“on-site”) and plant-based shredding (“off-site”) options to safely dispose of your records either before, during, or after your move. Our on-site shredding allows customers to watch the shredding process take place at their office, while our more economical off-site shredding transports your materials to a shredding center where they are securely destroyed. Upon completion, we will provide you with a certificate assuring that your documents were safely disposed of.

Digitizing Solutions

If you are looking to digitize your existing paper files, Globe can assist with this process. By partnering with certified professionals in information governance, as well as deploying project managers with both legal and financial expertise, we can both manage, advise on best practices and quickly implement a digitizing campaign that best meets your needs.

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