COVID-19 updated safety protocols


COVID-19 updated safety protocols

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Globe has not only continued to service our clients, but above all, we have kept everyone safe. Due to our strict enforcement of safety measures, we have had zero instances of serious illness, and zero outbreaks amongst our team members. We attribute our success to the proactive policies we put in place at the very beginning of this pandemic. And even though we have had great success thus far, we are continuing to be just as vigilant.

Since the release of the highly effective Covid-19 vaccines, our team began educating our crew members and assisting them with the scheduling of their vaccination appointments. Because of our proactive approach, we are able to send fully vaccinated crews to our clients. If you and your company require a fully vaccinated moving team, please simply ask, we are happy to accommodate. 

In addition to the vaccine, our moving crews are continuing to take the following precautions:

  1. Staying 6 feet apart whenever possible
  2. Wearing a mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times, especially if unvaccinated
  3. Reducing the spread of germs by utilizing hand sanitizer and/or washing their hands as often as possible, as well as properly (soap & warm water for at least 20 seconds).

Globe is committed to offering the highest quality moving and relocation services in the industry.  To accomplish this goal, we understand that the safety of our workers, their families, and our clients must always come first. We will continue to monitor the status of this pandemic as it continues, so we can continue to keep our staff and our clients safe. 

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